Hedron Radiation Free Headphones

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Radiation Free Headphones

Please note that they may come in Black or White depending on stock availability. Why Mobile Radiation Does Harm to Human Health? Mobile phones play increasingly important roles in people's lives.
Many people even cannot live without them.
However, some people think there are more negative effects by using mobile phones.

Why Ibrain has the superior anti-radiation function?

1. The international Collaborative on Health and Environment (CHE) on cellphone safety states: The air tube is the most preferable choose for cell phone anti-radiation
2. American EMR policy institute Statement on Cell phone Radiation (October 1st, 2009) "wired earpiece use, prefer-ably hollow air tube, a lower SAR is more highly linked to worse pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier."
3. American Environment Working Group "Skip the Radiation Shield-radiation shields such as antenna caps or keypad cover reduce the connection quality and force the phone to transmit at a higher power with the higher radiation"
As above scientific research and authority proved that: Air tube earphone is the best solution to mobile phone radiation problem. Point 1-3 are good methods came up by world three electro-magnetic Wave research teams to insulate radiation
4. Pro. Anming Li, The Doctor In The Department Of Neurosurgery In First Affiliated Hospital Of PLA General Hospital, Talks About Safeguarding Radiation"
5. Ibrain Not Only Is An AirTube Earphone But Also Has Four Unique Inventions To Insulate Radiation.
6. Ibrain radiation proof eardrums are consistent with the physical analysis of science
7. Talking on the Ibrain wireless radiation proof earphone when driving is much safer, more convenient and more private